Messenger Notification But No Message? How To Fix It

Messenger Notification But No Message

If you are receiving notifications for new messages on the Facebook Messenger app but are not seeing the actual messages when you open the app, there could be a few different reasons for this.

Messenger Notification But No Message?

There are a few reasons why you might be getting notifications from Messenger without there being a new message. Here are a few things you can try
  • Make sure you are logged into the correct account
  • If you have multiple accounts on the Messenger app, make sure you are logged into the correct one.
  • Check your connection
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection. If you are on a weak or unstable connection, the messages may not load properly.
  • Restart the app
  • Sometimes, simply closing and reopening the app can resolve the issue.
  • Check your device’s memory
  • If your device is low on memory, it could cause the app to behave unexpectedly. Try freeing up some space by deleting unnecessary files and apps.
  • Check for updates
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Messenger app installed on your device. You can check for updates by going to the app store or play store and looking for updates for the Messenger app.
  • Contact Facebook support
If none of these steps help, you may want to reach out to Facebook support for further assistance. You can do this by going to the help center on the Facebook website and searching for a solution to your issue. If you are unable to find a solution, you can also try contacting Facebook directly through the “Report a Problem” feature in the app or on the website.

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Why Does Messenger Say Unread Messages?

On the Facebook Messenger app, when you receive a new message, it will show up as “unread” until you open the conversation thread and read the message. Once you have read the message, it will no longer be marked as “unread.”

If you see a notification saying that you have unread messages on the Messenger app, it means that you have received one or more new messages that you have not yet opened and read. You can access these messages by opening the Messenger app and going to the conversation thread where the message was sent.

If you are not seeing the unread messages notification even though you know you have received new messages, it is possible that the notification settings for the Messenger app are not correctly configured. You can check the notification settings for the app by going to the settings menu on your device and looking for the options related to notifications. You can also check the notification settings within the Messenger app itself by going to the app’s settings menu.

How to Block all of Messenger’s notifications

To block all notifications from the Facebook Messenger app on an Android device:

  1. Open the Messenger app and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on “Notifications & Sounds.”
  3. Toggle off the switch next to “Notifications.”
  4. Tap on “Done” to save your changes.

To block all notifications from the Facebook Messenger app on an iOS device:

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Notifications.”
  3. Scroll down and tap on “Messenger.”
  4. Toggle off the switch next to “Allow Notifications.”
  5. Tap on “Done” to save your changes.

Note that blocking notifications from the Messenger app will prevent you from receiving any notifications from the app, including alerts for new messages and other important updates. If you only want to block certain types of notifications, you can customize your notification settings within the app by following the steps outlined above and selecting which types of notifications you want to receive.


I hope the information provided has helped you understand why the Messenger app might show unread messages and how to resolve the issue. If you have any additional questions or are experiencing issues with the app that you would like help with, feel free to ask. I will do my best to assist you.

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